Ez pass tolls nyc


Governor Mario M. Transportation authorities are turning to cashless tolling to reduce congestion, improve safety and reduce air pollution. More than 35 bridges, tunnels and toll roads across the nation use cashless tolling, including all MTA tunnels and bridges. If you have E-ZPass, your toll is collected using the same process that you are already familiar with. If you don't have E-ZPass sign-up here to start saving time and money today. E-ZPass is accepted in 16 states across the Northeast and Midwest.

Prepaid E-ZPass accounts can be purchased without waiting in line at select retail locations. After a motorist travels through a cashless facility, an image is captured of the license plate. Using the address on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles DMVa toll bill is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. Motorists are required by law to keep their address current with the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure bills are mailed to the proper owner.

Motorists can avoid fines or possible registration suspension by paying their toll bills on time. Toll bills are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle to the address on file with DMV. Motorists are required by state law to keep their address current with DMV to ensure bills are mailed to the proper owner. If a motorist prefers to pay the toll before they receive the toll bill in the mail, they can visit tollsbymailny.

Toll transactions will be available approximately one week from the date of travel.

ez pass tolls nyc

Motorists can also get more information by calling the Tolls by Mail customer service center atselect language and then press 9 to speak to a representative.

A bill is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle days after traveling through the cashless facility. It is also important to check email accounts for a toll bill, in case an email was previously provided. Motorists who use cashless tolling but claim they have not received a toll bill should contact the Tolls by Mail customer service center at immediately to address the issue, and avoid any fines. If a notice of violation is not paid within 15 days of the issue date then the notice of violation may be referred to a collection agency.

Toll Calculator

Collection agencies are responsible for collecting the tolls owed and the violation fees incurred. To dispute a debt, motorists should contact the collection agency directly using the number referenced in the notice.Coronavirus updates We're running essential service. Real-time data may not be accurate.

Stay home if you can. Read more. Do I have to wait for the Tolls by Mail bill to arrive in the mail, or can I pay my tolls right away? Is there a penalty or fee for not paying a toll bill? How much will I save by using E-ZPass? How much does an E-ZPass tag cost? Where can I get an E-ZPass? Can I use E-ZPass with business vehicles? What if I need a receipt? What if I don't own a vehicle? Can I still get an E-ZPass?

What if I own more than one vehicle? Do I need E-ZPass tags for all of them?

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Why do I need to register my license plate? Do I need a credit card to pay for my account? Can I wait to pay for my trips until after I take them? Can I make one-time payments? How can I view my account history? Can I mount my E-ZPass somewhere other than the windshield? What happens if my account balance reaches zero? Will my name and address be shared with other mailing lists?

What if I just don't want to get an E-ZPass? What if I have other questions? Cashless Tolling What is Cashless Tolling? Customers without E-ZPass will have their license plates photographed as their vehicles pass under the overhead gantry. Mail on a day cycle. Customers who prefer not to wait for a Tolls By Mail bill to be sent to them can utilize our "Pay Toll Now" service, which allows you to open a short-term account using your license plate and credit card. Failure to pay a Tolls By Mail bill may result in late fees, fines, vehicle registration suspension and other enforcement actions.You know how that works.

No credit cards accepted at toll booths. Cash only. E-ZPass works like a debit card. You keep a balance in your E-ZPass account, and every time you go through a toll booth, the amount of the toll is subtracted from your balance.

Note that there are discount plans available for drivers who frequently go through certain toll booths.

ez pass tolls and ticket problems

If you go through an E-ZPass toll booth and do not have sufficient funds in your account, you will receive a violation notice, which you can pay online or by calling or by sending a check to the address on the violation notice. The only differences are:. Your vehicle tags up to 4 per account should arrive in the mail within business days. You will still have to register the tag onlineso this is not a huge time saver.

BoxStaten Island, NY Note that there are discount plans available for drivers who frequently go through certain toll booths. The only differences are: Most possibly all bridges and tunnels are now cashless non-stop toll collection spots, meaning you either pay with E-ZPass or you will receive a Tolls By Mail bill. Info on paying these Tolls By Mail bills is here.I am arriving into JFK. I need to travel to Westchester and New Jersey. I have my own EZpass. I would like to know how to avoid the crazy toll charges from the rental companies.

I know about silvercar, but its not going to work for this trip.

ez pass tolls nyc

I was wondering how to work with either advantage or enterprise car rental. I will probably use tolls abound 8 times total, with an 18 day car rental. Should I register my rental car plate on my ezpass or will I get messed up or double billed? Any tips? I can't speak for all rental companies, but Hertz does not allow you to disable their transponder, meaning you can't use yours or pay for cash tolls.

You go through a toll and it's charged to them, then back to you via their system. I know this from experience, nowadays, just about every rental car has them in the car.

The last car I rented had it stuck to the windshield, some are on the license plate, etc. I would call the rental company you're considering and talk to them. They make money from these services, so I would imagine that most are going to tell you use what's already in the car and that it can't be disabled. As a practical matter, you can just go ahead and use your own EZ pass. My experience, and that of our adult children in the New York area, is that placing the EZ pass on the dashboard gets it read accurately.

Every car I've ever rented has an option to not use the car rental company's EZ pass. Normally, you need to open a compartment which might be on the sun visor to use the rental car company's EZ pass. You could, as soon as you picked up the rental carregister the plate number to your EZ pass account and then de-register it when you returned the car. This would be an extra protection for you so I suppose there's no harm in doing this as long as you remember to de-register it.

I'd also make clear to the car rental company that you are declining the use of their EZ pass and I'd try to ensure this was noted on the rental contract.

If there's no place to do this I'd add it to my signature. In follow-up, since there have been a few posts which suggests, as does Post 1, that there are companies that don't allow you to decline their EZ pass, you may want to email the rental company's national office and ask for written confirmation by return email that the EZ pass option can be declined.

You may also be able to find this in the fine print of their contractual material posted online. Since there are certainly some I think most or all companies that allow you to decline this, I'd make sure to rent from one of these companies.

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Rented through Hertz a few months ago, they had a box you could slide the transponder into to block the signal if you did not wish to use it. While technically the plate should match the pass, the reality is that is the bill is paid EZ pass doesn't care. Your only concern is the rental companies' transponder. In my experience, you won't get the state discount if you use one of the car rental company's EZ passes either. The advantage to registering the rental car to your EZ pass as long as you definitely remember to de-register it is that if for some reason the EZ pass doesn't register then the bill should go to the EZ pass registrant of that license plate that is, you at the time of the rental.

At least this is how I understand it works. This is far preferable to having a bill sent to the car rental company. I think it's best just to take the prices.I am arriving into JFK. I need to travel to Westchester and New Jersey. I have my own EZpass. I would like to know how to avoid the crazy toll charges from the rental companies. I know about silvercar, but its not going to work for this trip. I was wondering how to work with either advantage or enterprise car rental. I will probably use tolls abound 8 times total, with an 18 day car rental.

Should I register my rental car plate on my ezpass or will I get messed up or double billed? Any tips? The state of registration is irrelevant for the EZ pass. You can get an EZ pass from any state that issues one and use it any place that accepts the EZ pass.

ez pass tolls nyc

When we lived in Missouri which has no toll roads we used an Illinois pass. Now that we live in Maine which has tolls which we don't often pay we use a NY State pass to get the resident discount on the much more expensive toll bridges in NYC. I use Hertz. You can use your own EZ Pass. Just do not open the container holding the Hertz EZ pass.

Given contrary views stated here, suggest you google Hertz and EZ pass. Tom in post 13 is correct. And there is no reason to register your own ez pass to the rental car.

The only reason to register an ez pass is that if you pass through a toll without an ez pass but the car is registered to your ez pass they are smart enough to charge your ez pass without even sending you a bill.

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I've done this. But to register it with a rental car seems risky if for any reason you are unable to unregister it. Weird with Hertz because in one of my rentals was in Colorado. I was told by Hertz that the transponder could not be disabled.

I did not even know where it was in the car. This past August I rented a car in Arizona and the plate pass was a sticker on the windshield, no shield box or way to "put it away". If you look at this Hertz website, you'll see that you can use your own pass or pay by cash if that's available and ignore what might be mounted in the car :.

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Although there's been discussion of toll roads in the Phoenix area, there aren't any yet in Arizona, so a toll pass would be irrelevant there unless you were driving the rental to another state that did have toll roads or toll bridges. I agree with you Auden and understand what's on Hertz's site, but I'm telling you my actual experience. I had no way to disable the plate pass in Colorado and was told so by Hertz.

But the plate pass was a sticker in the windshield, those rental cars get shuffled around, but there was no way to disable it or not use it, assuming there were toll roads. I know what the Hertz site says, but I had two experiences that were different. Their system uses outside agencies and companies, so there is a lot of room for confusion, etc.

According to the website, if you use your own pass, or pay cash, you won't be charged for use of Hertz' plate pass. It looks like the plate pass just is a way to record the car's license plate, but nothing would be billed if the toll were paid in another way. From the Plate Pass info page: "With the exception of the E-ZPass toll roads, PlatePass is available to rental car customers without the use of a transponder electronic device in the vehicle.

So I think maybe the plate pass sticker is not a transponder but notice that the vehicle is enrolled in the equivalent of the cashless tolls-by-mail where the photographing of the license plate triggers the toll billing via their service.Free toll calculator for cars. Thousands of shippers who visit the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator website each month to estimate toll costs for freight shipments will now have the option to sign up for a free annual subscription sponsored by Bestpass, Inc.

Tollsmart initially partnered with Bestpass in to build a private label version of its truck toll calculator application for Bestpass customers.

The team at Tollsmart was honored recently by being invited to participate in a process to review innovative technologies for the upcoming congestion pricing program in New York City. Congestion pricing is a way of charging tolls for vehicles that enter certain parts of a metropolitan area and is slated to be implemented in Manhattan's central business district beginning in December of Although similar congestion-based tolls have been implemented in several cities across the globe, this is a seminal event in the US tolling industry as New York will be the first city in North America to utilize this complex type of tollingand many other cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC are watching closely and may soon follow NYC's lead.

Truck routing takes into consideration the dimensions of the vehicle to limit routing options to those roads where the vehicle is legally permitted to operate, or where other obstacles such as low bridge clearances may apply. To enable truck routing in the Tollsmart mobile apps you first need to be a subscriber to the truck version of the service and have your vehicle stored in the app.

Below are screenshots which illustrate these steps. The team at Tollsmart is excited to announce that current prices for the I and I Express Lanes in Virginia have been added to the Tollsmart apps.

Although these lanes have been in the Tollsmart apps since they opened last year, they displayed only the minimum and maximum prices.

For drivers unfamiliar with Express Lanes, these are lanes previously reserved for HOV traffic that can now be used by solo drivers for a fee, which can change as often as every 5 minutes based on traffic also referred to as Dynamic pricing.

There are now over 30 of these systems which are also referred to as HOT Lanes or Managed Lanes across the US with many more planned, and all are included in the Tollsmart platform click here to learn more about Express Lanes on Tollsmart.Since its introduction three decades ago, E-ZPass has become an ever-present technology on US highways. Although this cashless tolling mechanism is prevalent, not every road user makes use of it.

MTA Bridges and Tunnels Deferred Toll Payments

Some argue that it makes traveling easier as you spend less time at toll plazas paying cash for tolls. Others argue that you may end up paying more than you should for trips in and out of New York. Before we dwell further on the economic arguments, let us first understand in great detail what EZ Pass is all about. E-Z Pass is a technological toll collection program that allows motorists to pay tolls without cash.

ez pass tolls nyc

For it to work, an electronic EZ Pass NY tag is placed on the roof, license plate or windshield of the car. So each time the vehicle passes through a toll, a specified amount is deducted from the EZ Pass prepaid balance. Using EZ Pass at tolled highways is cheaper than paying with cash. It will also interest you to know that the financial incentive attached to EZ Pass accounts is not the only reason why drivers in New York are turning to the use of this cashless electronic arrangement.

There are several other benefits as well. Trip Convenience : Imagine if you had to stop at each toll to dig out cash from your pocket to pay for your toll. Also, imagine the few extra seconds it would take for your payment to be processed.

Constant Online Access : You can check your EZ Pass account balance on the go as long as you have an internet connection. You can also print statements and fund your account using electronic means. You can do so with your debit or credit card when the need arises. Accessible Customer service : For any complaint or inquiry you might have, you can visit any EZ Pass Center near you to have your questions answered. Customer service centers are open from Mondays all through Fridays from 8 am-6 pm.

Paying for tolls with EZ Pass may be marginally cheaper than using cash, but if you use it regularly, the discounts you accumulate are indeed a great money-saving scheme. If you wish to apply for an E-Z Pass customer account, you can do so by applying through email or by visiting www.

You can also apply at any EZ Pass customer service centers across the state. All three factors influence your toll charge each time you use NY turnpikes.

You can also send an email using their online contact form.

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There are various options open to you if you want to fund your account, depending on whichever is convenient for you.

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