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Police arrested a Long Island man on Saturday after four driving students asked their instructor to pull over and they called suspecting he was driving drunk.

Russell Cohen, an instructor for the Suffolk Auto Driving School, was arrested after the students managed to get him to pull over at a McDonald's at about 11 a. Cohen left the students at the McDonald's after they didn't come out and crashed into the rear end of another car in Ridge, New Yorkless than an hour later, authorities said.

The year-old woman in the other car was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He was not injured. Cohen, 58, was charged with aggravated DWI and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

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Sections U. Virtual Reality. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? MORE: 'I'm a clean Comments 0. Driving instructor charged with drunk driving while teaching students.

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On average, every 31 minutes, someone will be injured or killed in the state of Texas as a result of an alcohol-impaired driver.

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Inthat amounted to 1, lives lost. But what of the people who survive? These are the stories that the Texas Department of Transportation wants to tell with its Faces of Drunk Drivinga public service campaign that highlights the horrific stories of car crash survivors.

The catastrophic accident left Sean with brain trauma that rendered him unable to walk or speak, while the driver was unscathed. Through a series of photos, videos and a written narrative, the story of what he lost, his struggle through recovery, and his new life as a strident activist against drunk driving unfolds. By putting real faces to the possible consequences of mixing alcohol and driving, the intent of the campaign, which was created by agency Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, USA, is to better connect with young people—the most likely to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

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Design Can modern art heal? Design Admit it, you miss your noisy office.Getting into the car with a drunk driver behind the wheel almost killed year-old Alyssa Alanis four years ago when the sedan carrying seven people she was in lost control, struck a light standard, flipped in the air and rolled over in Burnaby.

As Alanis copes with her decision to ride with a drunk driver, and struggles with her recovery, she wants others to learn from her mistake.

Not only change it, but it can end it. He was sentenced on March 1,to three years in prison for drunk and dangerous driving. Alanis was thrown from the vehicle and was not expected to survive. She wants others to know about the struggles her daughter will face every day for the rest of her life.

RCMP officers across the province have launched their summer Counter Attack campaign, and both mother and daughter are using the occasion to warn others about the dangers of drinking and driving and the deadly risk of getting into a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel.

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Another One Of Those Crazy Drunk Driving Stories From Florida

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Trending Stories. Impaired Driving Drinking and Driving. Flyers More weekly flyers. Report an Error.Every night they are out there, somewhere, prowling the nations roadways, out of control and pushing more than a ton of steel.

They are drunk drivers. And as bad as it is to drive drunk, and as dangerous as drunk drivers are to all of us on the roads, this story is about the worst kind of drunk driver: the repeat offender.

Arrests, fines, convictions—nothing seems enough to stop these serial drunk drivers.

reddit drunk driving stories

We learned of one man from Iowa who's had 11 DWI convictions. Another, in New Mexico, has had One man says many of these drunk drivers are not just a nuisance or a tragic annoyance with a weakness for alcohol. He has one word to describe a repeat drunk driver who slammed into his world: murderer. George Gubernikoff: We were striving to be the all-American family. And here was someone who had no respect. By all accounts, George and Judith Gubernikoff had a charmed life. They lived in a suburban New York neighborhood, had a close knit family and great plans for the future.

George is a successful cardiologist and untilJudith had stayed home to raise their three young sons. It meant getting up in the middle of the night and making a 25 mile predawn drive into Manhattan. Kotb: Were you ever concerned, given the pre-dawn hour, for her to be out on the road? And he had reason to be worried: Most fatal car accidents happen between midnight and 3 a.

At that same time, Neville Wells, a year-old party promoter, drank at a Manhattan night club before stumbling out into the night and driving off in his minivan. Witnesses say Wells sped down the street in an alcohol fueled frenzy, hitting a parked car, flying through red lights— seemingly oblivious to everything around him. Gubernikoff: Somewhere about a. We heard that there had been a terrible accident.

reddit drunk driving stories

The car that carried Judith and her dad had been struck with such extreme force it was sent airborne, before coming to rest on top of an iron fence. Judith and her father had to be cut out of the vehicle. Gubernikoff: When the emergency room doctor walked in and before anything was said, I knew this was going to be worse than I could have ever imagined.

There was nothing to say. You hold them. As George learned, Neville Wells, the man who killed his wife, was a repeat drunk driver. The newspaper reports were just the beginning of what he would find out.

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Gubernkoff: We got anonymous letters, e-mails, phone calls that this was an accident waiting to happen— that he was always drunk and that he was always getting behind the wheel. His second DWI was in As a repeat offender, he lost his license for a year and was ordered to take a drunk driving course, which he attended just 11 months before he killed Judith Gubernikoff. On the night of the deadly accident, Wells' blood alcohol level was.What happens in Vegas stays on BuzzFeed.

Mid-twerk, I realized my AMF drinks weren't sitting right in my stomach. I started to spin and grab onto whoever was nearest, and spewed a rancid blue geyser of vomit onto T-Pain's security team and the front row. I accidentally kicked a girl covered in my blue vomit in the chin on my way out.

My friends locked me in the backseat while I was covered in animal-printed blue shame, and went back to enjoy the rest of the concert. Being the stupid person that I am, I ran with my arms flailing and made elephant sounds. This obviously alerted the skunk into spray mode, and my poor boyfriend got sprayed before he could comprehend the whole situation. He had to take three days off from work because of the smell.

I cried because I was too drunk to remember how to vomit. My friend had the brilliant idea that, in order to vomit, I would need to eat. He went and got me a loaf of bread, and I cried harder because I couldn't remember how to eat, either. He tried to re-teach me how to eat by asking: 'Do you know the movie The Social Network? Well, Bread here wants to make you feel better.

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One might say that Bread wants to be your friend, so you have to add Bread to your social network in order to feel better. I nodded, wadded the two slices of bread into a ball in my fist, and shoved the entire thing into my face. Thirty seconds later, I threw this bread-wad back into the wash tub, and everyone in the circle cheered and clapped for me. Two other friends tried to get me to go home with them because it was 'The most beautiful puking they'd ever seen.

I was holding a puppy, with a temporary tattoo of a giraffe on my boob. I had to take off my six-inch heels while walking from the Luxor Hotel to the Bellagio Hotel, and I fell in the bushes outside of the Bellagio trying to put them back on.

9 Unbelievable Drunk Driving Stories

I successfully flashed 25 people who were walking by at the time. I then walked into the bank and was immediately kicked out because I wouldn't put my shoes back on. I needed to use the restroom, and once I got in there, a woman proceeded to stick her finger through the ripped hole in the back of my very tight dress. I got a taxi back to the Luxor, puked twice in the lobby, and then fell asleep in the bathtub of our room.

We ended up trading around, and somehow I was the last person to get it when I was already pretty well in. I even started giving a girl who was in a relationship the same length as my pretend relationship advice. I also got into a heated argument with someone who said I needed to have more sexual experiences in my life.Florida: home to 12 months of sunshine, balmy weather, and some really crazy drunk driving stories. Take one drunk driver who was arrested outside one of the biggest tourist events in Crystal River, Florida as an example.

The irony of the situation? The car was clearly displayed amid flashing lights and other patrol cars as part of a set up by police that night, and the CCSO thought it was a teachable moment, and because crazy drunk driving stories should be shared, they posted the story on their Facebook page.

Thankfully this is one crazy drunk driving story that had a funny ending; most of them do not. What Florida really needs to stop these drunk drivers is an all offender ignition interlock law, but that may not be happening anytime soon. Two bills presented to require all drunk drivers to install an ignition interlock have died in the judiciary committee, and only time will tell if they are brought back in some shape or form.

In this case only an anti-drunk driving patrol car was damaged, but it could have ended badly for everyone there that night. Guardian Ignition Interlock. This website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. For more information on our Cookie Policy, including an opt-out, please visit this page. I Agree.A man in Noosa, Australia, was arrested for driving down a road on a motorized beer cooler while intoxicated.

The defendant faces charges of driving under the influence and driving without a license after police caught him on the makeshift vehicle, which was powered by a 50cc engine. The defendant's lawyers are currently challenging the notion that the cooler constitutes a vehicle. It must have set a record, but this one South Canterbury family would surely much rather not have, after three of them were booked for drunk-driving on the same night.

The saga began about He blew micrograms per litre of breath, more than three and a half times the youth limit. The teenager was taken to the Timaru police station for processing, where his mother was called to collect him.

She was subsequently stopped and arrested for drunk-driving at about 2. But it wasn't over there. The woman then rang her partner to come and pick them both up. He was stopped and arrested on North St at about 3am, when he blew mcg. A woman in Wisconsin called the emergency to report a drunk driver - which was very civic spirited of her, especially considering that the drunk driver in question was, in fact, her.

13 Drunk Horror Stories That'll Make You Give Up Alcohol Forever

She began the call with the dispatcher by saying 'Somebody's really drunk driving down Granton Road. Police arrived to find Strey slurring her words, swaying from side to side and unable to perform their sobriety tests. Tests later showed she had a blood-alcohol level double the legal limit. Ohio student James Miller was stopped by police on suspicion of drunk- in Oxford, Ohio, after he was spotted merrily driving the wrong way down a one-way street, while wearing a breathalyzer costume.

Suspicions that he may have been drinking were heightened by the fact that there was an open can of Bud Light by the driver's seat.

reddit drunk driving stories

Miller's breathalyzer costume featured a dial with three levels of drunkenness: Boring, Life of the Party, and Sotally Tober. When confronted, Miller stuffed chewing gum into his mouth, and insisted he hadn't been drinking. Unfortunately, for the fake breathalyzer, a real blood alcohol test showed he had a level of. He was also found to have multiple IDs on him.

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